Tuesday, July 15, 2014

twerk baby

So I had an idea to post about my new lingerie purchases. They make my boobs look like the kawaii-est bitches on the block but I’m thinking I might just highlight it on my other blog? It was a highlight of my week though, almost on the same level as getting out of a speeding ticket even, which happened within the last couple of days as well. I know, I know, I’m doing so much this summer! [ rolls eyes ] I hate driving upstate and I had to do so to handle my ticket, and it was the most exhilarating thing ever. Oh! We cracked open our Saved By the Bell board game, too. Complete throwback to the golden age - look at that pattern on those cards. We were slightly scared playing; Slater doesn't look like he practices consent. Did anyone else think so? Zack Morris will always be my baby.

I really haven’t done anything productive over the last couple of weeks. Even now, as I write this, I’m sitting in my basement playing Kingdom Hearts instead of doing something productive, i.e. write cover letters for internships I’m applying to for the fall.

As Ash mentioned, we’re on the cusp of becoming real adults!! Which to me is unfathomable and something that’s actually been long time anticipated. I was hired at seventeen years old for my favourite retail store and I had held a position there (on and off) for three years. I didn’t need to do anything else; I knew what I was going to do with my life after school, and exactly what path I was going to take and where I was going to go next for my internship, and career. I was one cocky, motivated motherfucker.

Except now I don’t really know what to do with myself. I’m back from London, and I’ve been in the middle of a quarter-life crisis for the last seven or so months. Ash always points that I’m lucky to be I’m studying what I love for uni, and I don’t deny that! But I’ve learned I’m quite useless, not necessarily my trade, but just day to day things. I can’t wash dishes without getting extreme anxiety, nor can I keep a space clean for more than twelve hours. Maybe less. Definitely less. I’m really only good for making Minnie Mouse hair buns that can last a week if you want to be gnarly. The whole ‘I’m graduating in two semesters’ is not the one, but I’ll hold off another day or two and get chubz on chips because…… the future freaks me out.


So I decided to give myself some goals so I’m really not just munching away at crisps and unhealthy foods. It’s just shit that I’ve been meaning to, or actually need to do. Like cover letters? Who am I letting them go this late.

Wake up before 12PM. My sleep schedule has been such a joke since being back from London. I’ll go to bed at 4AM and not wake up until much later. Such a waste of a day, especially in the summer! I know we’re supposed to get eight hours of sleep, etc etc. But waking up before 12 should hopefully even out my sleep schedule.

Work out every day. By the end of my time in London, I was working out every day, including running. I stopped close to the time I was leaving because of packing and tying loose ends and housekeeping and such, and just didn’t pick it back up when I got back. So definitely something I want to work into my day again.

Eat a healthier + drink more water. I was eating relatively well before I left for London, and when I got there, I did all the food shopping. Being back in America hasn’t done anything favourable for my diet. It’s hard because I don’t do the food shopping for my house hold, but that doesn’t mean I can’t stop eating four or five servings of Ruffles every day.

Write these damn cover letters and an about me post. This isn’t a goal. This is a Lexxi, get your fucking shit together. EDIT: I sent my cover letters to be proofread but now I'm too anxious to open the reply emails (╥﹏╥)

I know a majority of them are goals everyone wants to hit, but I really want to make a change in my lifestyle. Being in a quarter-life crisis is not advisable.