Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the death of the 1 hour photo lab

I'm very fortunate to live in a part of New York that's accessible to a ton of cute towns, as well as being so close to the city. My sister and I woke up to an empty house on a Sunday and decided that we would go to Piermont for the day, one of towns that sits on the Hudson. It was a super sunny, prime day for a little drive and late-lunch outside.

Piermont isn't very big, but there are a couple of cute shops and a handful of places to eat. We ate at Confetti, an Italian restaurant that had outdoor seating and called their appetizers 'antipastas' so we felt kinda fancy, haha. You could see the view from the restaurant, and it was such a nice day out the Hudson didn't look too bad at all!

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The death of the 1 hour photo lab upsets me like no other. I'm not too old, but I feel like it wasn't so long ago I could drop a couple of rolls to CVS or any other drugstore and be able to pick up my prints same day. As a hobbyist photographer, it's broken my heart to see the use of film decline so much since the introduction of point and shoots, and especially more recently. One of the only same-day places around me dropped their in-store lab just within this summer. It's relatively sad, especially now as I feel like a lot of people are jumping on the disposable film trend. To be fair, I'm not used to using or getting my disposables processed so quickly - I've had two of them sitting in a drawer for years before I got them developed.

I started my new job at Gypsy Warrior last week, and school starts in a week! No more driving around, but I'm excited for the new year and seeing faces I haven't in long. I'm hoping this means I'll have a bit more content to put up as I really just work or longboard at the moment.

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