about maria alexis

The very best like no one ever was, Lexxi is an eighteen-year-old CAT fashion student fond of sleeping, Pooh Bear, and being Asian. Or maybe not being Asian. But she's definitely fond of Asian food. She's basically shlooby kitten. Lexxi enjoys creepy cab drivers, crying in corners, and watching Adventure Time while eating off of stolen plates from Disneyland. Maria Alexis has two superpowers: giving uncomfortable advice and making everyone love her. Like baby animals and fancy cupcakes, it's impossible to not adore her. She owns a Batman onesie. How can you not love someone with a Batman onesie? Despite her creepiness, with her Simba tattoo and perfect brows, she is basically fabulous personified. -- ashlyn myers

Maria Alexis prefers to be called Lexxi (two x's!) and is pretty much a real life Pooh bear. She likes throwing her phone into the wall, chips and milk, and sippy cups. She will forever love a certain part of the music scene and the Kingdom Hearts game series. Lexxi's studying at FIT and will never grow up.