about ashlyn brooke

"Darling," she said, vaguely British. People didn't find the accent odd or off-putting. Ashlyn Brooke just happened to be an extremely sophisticated twenty five year old British socialite stuck inside a nineteen year old body in Indianapolis. Everyone accepted it - as should you. She's the smarter (if not more driven) half of the two, regardless of what she says: she wrote a book! Her English skills, like grammar and vocabulary, are actually real when she's not sobbing over the two most recent Doctors, Mars, or Disney expansions. If there's three things Ashlyn hates it's eating, herself, and pretty much everything else, but she's dating Bambi & she wakes up looking perfect so she can't be that bad. Especially if she's the one riding her bike to class in six inch heels. --lexxi co
Ashlyn (not Ashley) is a student, runner, nerdfighter, wannabe astronomer, fake Asian, and serious creep. She enjoys trashy scifi, dinosaurs, and twirly dresses. Current ambitions include becoming a Disney princess and retaining some ounce of emotional stability in public. If anyone can send her a Mickey bar on dry ice, it would be much obliged.